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Freedom of Choice

You can have a right to choose the best clinical solution & the best PM solution that fits your business needs. Without cash flow, there is no business.

The Choice is Yours - Why Settle for Less

The CollaborateMD EHR Partner Integration Program allows you to choose the BEST EHR partner that fits your office needs and better manage your patient's health information. We offer a wide variety of solutions including Server or Web-Based programs and Template-Based or Custom-Designed Workflows. Each partner offers diverse features such as secure Patient Portals, ePrescribing, Document Imaging, Provider and Hospital Communications, Coder Systems, Lab Interfaces and Drug-to-Drug Interaction Alerts, plus so much more.

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Our EHR Partner Integration Program, mandated with the widespread implementation of Healthcare Information Technology, eliminates duplicate data entry to free up staff time and allows you to always maintain the highest patient and data integrity. Our real time charge capture functionality improves your bottom line by giving physicians a point-of-care charge capture tool integrated with CollaborateMD. Automate your claim cycle while reducing lost charges and denial rates, and accelerate coding and regulatory compliance, that results in increased reimbursements and net profit improvements. Take your practice to the next level by implementing a complete practice management and EHR solution that work seamlessly together.

CollaborateMD has built standard and customized HL7 interfaces for several EHR applications supporting numerous specialties throughout the country. We have also developed strategic relationships with select partners to provide a seamless practice management, medical billing, and EHR solution for our customers.

CollaborateMD is here to help in this transition to ensure your office receives the best solutions available to reach your goals. To learn more about our EHR Partner Integration Program, please fill out the form below and a Sales Representative will contact you shortly for a free evaluation of your office needs.

How it Works

CollaborateMD delivers your data synchronized in real time with third party applications through our extensive array of interface solutions and cross-vendor communications. We are heavily involved in the back-end integration, and then offer unparalleled on-demand support to work directly with our users. In addition to the offerings from our hand-selected service partners, we provide open APIs to easily enable the EHR vendor of your choice to adhere to our standards. The end result is an optimized workflow with clear communication between your front and back office.

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If you offer a service or solution that would complement our service/product offering, we encourage you to explore affiliation by Contacting Us and telling us a little more about yourself.