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With the release of version 9.1, CollaborateMD (CMD) has made some exciting new enhancements and features that will better support your business needs, help to reduce the amount of paperwork required for orders, and expedite the enabling of features within your account. These enhancements are featured within our new Customer Bill Pay and Shopping Cart segment.

We made it easier for you with Customer Bill Pay.
The Customer Bill Pay feature allows Administrators or Auth Reps, with Customer Bill Pay permissions, direct access to view a detailed invoice, review an account statement, enter and update payment profiles, process a one-time payment, and review payment history 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by simply logging into your account. This feature will be available for full use Effective February 1, 2014.

Attention Auth Rep Shoppers:
Effective January 6, 2014,  Our new Shopping Cart feature will provide an Auth Rep, with Customer Bill Pay permissions, the capability to perform / request actions to update their price plan, turn on or off features, and purchase additional services all from within the application. The Shopping Cart significantly reduces wasted hours and the overall cycle time of processing these requests.

Your Account Security is our Priority.
In order to protect your account, we have created a new role: Authorized Representative (Auth. Rep.) The Auth Rep will have pre-defined permissions that are required to gain access to the new Customer Bill Pay and Shopping Cart features. If an account wishes to use these new features, ONLY available within version 9.1, a request must be submitted by the Account Owner.

For security purposes, your pre-defined Security PIN (a 4 digit number) will be requested to validate your identity and account. If you need to create or update your Security PIN, simply log in to your CMD application and edit your User Profile. For further instructions on editing your user profile, please visit the the User Profile Help Page on our Training website.

If you already have a security PIN on file and would like to designate an Auth Rep to access the Shopping Cart  and other new features, please complete the Change User Type form located on CMDCares.

We hope you embrace and take full advantage of the new features within version 9.1. Your Success is Our Success!


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