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Benefits and Freedom for Having EHR's

At CollaborateMD, we always strive to provide the most complete medical billing software and best resources in use for our clients. One of these ways is through our EHR Partner Integration program.

Our Company Roots and History

CollaborateMD was founded in 1999 by our own President and CEO, Douglas Kegler. In the mid 1990's, Mr. Kegler saw the need in the healthcare community for a medical billing software program that would be completely functional within the industry.

New Financial Diagnostic Tool Added to our Software

At CollaborateMD, we are continually striving and looking for ways to improve our software to better help our clients. We have a team that is second to none and already have created the best medical billing software program on the market.

Medical Billing Software to Fit Your Needs

If you’re looking for help with optimizing your clinical workflow you have come to the right place. CollaborateMD specializes in Medical Billing Software and electronic medical billing.

ICD-10-CM: Test your AP&PP for the next level of ICD!

by Michael Alan Meyer, DO, CCS, CPC, CPCI, AHIMA ICD-10-CM/PCS Trainer and Ambassador

Medical Billing Software at an Affordable Price

When choosing the best medical billing software one needs to not only find the software that will best fit its needs in ease and usage but to also find one that fits perfectly for your budget. At CollaborateMD, we have continually packaged these.

Why CollaborateMD is the Best Software for Medical Professionals

When medical professionals are ready to make a crucial decision on which medical billing software program to use, it needs to have not only the most complete features but also a track record of success that other professionals have been using.

The Right Billing Software for Urgent Care

There are many important things to consider when choosing electronic medical billing software for an urgent care provider. There is a necessary high standard when it comes to software for urgent care clinics that is necessary to uphold.

CollaborateMD v8.4 is Now Available

CollaborateMD is pleased to announce the availability of our 8.4.0 version.  This new release, loaded with several new and exciting features, is now available for you to download!  Many of the new enhancements are a direct result of your input into.

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