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CollaborateMD Announces Darrell Turner as President and COO

CollaborateMD announced today the hiring of Darrell Turner as President and Chief Operating Officer. The company's founder, Douglas Kegler, maintains the role of CEO and Chairman of the Board. Separation of the two roles allows the Company to fully.

I love CollaborateMD because...

"When we decided to restart our medical billing business, one of the first questions my employees asked me was if they were going to be able to use CollaborateMD again. They love the system because it is easy to use and helps them do their jobs..

"Every medical office should have your software"

Congratulations on your 10 years of hard work! I think every medical office should have your software, and I will continue to promote it to other practices!!!! Thanks So Much.

"A Leader in the Industry"

I've been using CollaborateMD for almost ten years now. ...The improvement and innovation has been exceptional. I've worked with at least 5 different software products over the years, and CollaborateMD is by far the most open to enhancement.


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