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Alternative Uses for Electronic Medical Billing Software

While the old-fashioned concept of medical billing services may have many thinking about the physician’s office, there are numerous other areas that consider electronic medical billing mandatory and essential.

Offering Our Solutions to Many Types of Users (Part 2)

At CollaborateMD, we are privileged to be able to serve others and offer our software and services to many types of groups. Recently, we shared about the two main types of users for our medical billing software but today we will look at a few more.

Over 30,000 Medical Professionals Trained from our Software

At CollaborateMD, we already believe we have the best medical billing software. We appreciate and are thankful for the confirmation by our colleagues and educators. To date, over 30,000 students have been trained using the online medical billing.

CollaborateMD Offers Great Referral Incentive Programs

At CollaborateMD, we continually strive toward improving our already first rate medical billing software. We know that we have the best electronic medical billing software as do our clients but we want to give as many more clients the opportunity to.


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