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Are you struggling to collect payments, or looking for another way to streamline your front office registration? Revamp your workflow by activating  Integrated Payment Processing today!

With the rise in high-deductible health plans, more patients are having to pay out-of-pocket, which can make your efforts to collect owed balances even more challenging. If you are not collecting patient payments upfront, or defining a plan for payment before they leave your office then your A/R days increase significantly, and your chances to collect in full decrease by the day.

If you are currently working with a merchant, then you are on the right path to ensuring you are collecting patient payments. CollaborateMD offers Integrated Payment Processing which includes an In-Application Credit Card Processing feature and a complimentary Online Payment Portal. The benefit of working with our merchant partner, TSYS, is that it simplifies your office routine with one integrated system. You can request a Free Quote from our merchant and they will work to either meet or beat your current merchant rates. You can easily swipe a patient's credit card and the payments will post directly within CMD. There is also a free, customizable Payment Portal link that is included on *Automated Patient statements and allows patients to view balances, make payments in real-time, review statements and financial history.

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If you get started before October 1st, you will receive a $20 activation credit for six months from TSYS!  If you are a billing service partner, for every customer that activates IPP through the use of our merchant partner, we will match that and waive the $20 add-on fee for six months!

If you want to learn more and see how it could optimize your workflow then please join us for a 30 minute Free Live Webinar on Tuesday, August 14th.

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*extra fees may apply for Automated Patient Statements.

Jennifer Jourdan

By Jennifer Jourdan

Jennifer is a Marketing Specialist at CollaborateMD dedicated to helping our customers and partners grow their business and stay informed on healthcare industry news. Jennifer enjoys researching the main topics impacting patient care, medical billing and coding professionals, and Health IT. She writes tips and creates collateral pieces to help clients improve their claim reimbursement cycles, and net profits.

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