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Happy Holidays!

Last month, our eBlurb posed the question, "How are you going to further optimize every activity to be most productive?" We have heard from some of you who are trying out new CollaborateMD services, and others of you who are learning to more strongly utilize the features you already have.

The consistent clue we keep getting from our users is that they are working toward leveraging their strengths to more sharply attack their problems, and we commend them for it! Of course, we get our kicks out of helping you define those problems and determine--then execute--a course of action that is sure to garner measurable results. We have even offered a complimentary analysis of customer accounts to provide additional value, so be sure to contact us if you're interested in this service.

Now...on to the blog! If you aren't a subscriber, here is what you missed in November:

CollaborateMD.com Gets a Makeover
This month, we launched a refreshed version of our site and have listed the most notable changes on the blog, such as the new pages for events, conferences, careers, service partners, industry partners, affiliates, associations, and users... (more info)

Save the Date for Conference 2010!
We have officially secured the dates and location for our next annual user conference. Mark your calendars and get ready for another incredible event… (more info)

A Very Thankful Thanksgiving Post
This article gives our readers a little insight into the holiday festivities happening around our office and in the homes of our team members. Read what many of our employees have to say about the things for which they are most grateful… (more info)

Reimbursable H1N1 webVisits Announced
We are spreading a little health news in addition to holiday cheer around here. This post announces a new way to keep infected patients away from healthy patients, improve overall patient care, and even bring in revenue to providers… (more info)

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