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CollaborateMD (CMD), one of the first providers of easy and affordable cloud based revenue cycle management software, is proud to announce the completion of the 2,000 sq ft expansion of their corporate offices in Orlando, FL – making the total space approximately 10,000 sq. ft. The new office will provide capacity for:

  • increased customer support
  • internal and external training
  • and leadership functions across the company

CollaborateMD is working to design and build out a functional, innovative and welcoming space that will suit the needs of the growing company and its user base. Priorities for the new space include open workshops, creative and collaborative spaces for internal teams, varied meetings, conference spaces and work-life amenities.

"CollaborateMD's new office space will allow us to increase our capabilities in key areas that align with our current and future growth plans. The new space allows us to expand our core teams to support the growth we are experiencing with a dedicated facility to host customer training sessions and other activities," said Douglas Kegler, CEO and Founder of CollaborateMD. "Our team is excited about the growth we are experiencing and this expansion represents a commitment to continue to build on the success our team has accomplished."

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