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When medical professionals are ready to make a crucial decision on which medical billing software program to use, it needs to have not only the most complete features but also a track record of success that other professionals have been using.

At CollaborateMD, since 1999, we have created a medical software program that medical billers and healthcare professionals have trusted as their source to help keep business running smoothly. We have helped automate the electronic medical billing process to allow staff to use their time in other important areas and reduce paperwork and administrative duties.

Would your office like to be paid sooner? With the automated services on our software program, CollaborateMD has made the billing cycle painless and end results in a shorter revenue cycle and increased cash flow.

Some of the key benefits include:

* 24/7 Accessibility: Anywhere, anytime...just need Internet access.

* ANSI 5010 ready: Compliance to move into the future.

* Unlimited Users: Add as many users as needed, along with specific permissions for each user.

* Unlimited Updates & Upgrades: Our development team strives to continue to make improvements. When we do, we let you know with no hidden fees.

* On-Demand Support: Any types of questions you may have, feel free to call or contact us via live chat online.

* Affordable: No contracts, no setup fees, and free upgrades are just a few of the benefits here.

* Simplicity: Easy to use for users, regardless of past experience in medical software programs.

* Security: CollaborateMD protects your information with an encrypted 256-bit SSL connection, the highest protection of firewalls and a backup of all information.

With our track record of success and clients that are satisfied with our service and software, we welcome those that are not current clients to request a demo or download a free trial.


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