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Eight New Features

because we like to keep our team busy!

Over the past ten months, we’ve been working on many new CollaborateMD features, from newly designed patient statements to improved interface tracking and RelayHealth attachments for your Worker’s Compensation, Property and Casualty claims.  Here’s a list of our top eight new features to help you kick off a profitable fall!

Gain More Control of Your Automated Patient Statements*

Customers will be able to select from three different duplex, full color templates based on their preference, upload their company logo, specify payment methods (mail or phone) and create custom messages that will appear throughout your automated patient statements, making them patient friendly and helping to accelerate collections (by following the HFMA Patient-Friendly Billing guidelines).

Track Your Interface Claims with Ease

We've improved our interface tracking to make it much easier for you to search through your claims submitted from your EHR/EMR vendor to CollaborateMD. Interface tracking now handles searching on more fields (received date(s), claim date of service, appointment date, message result(s) and so on) and allows you to easily troubleshoot and mark claims as fixed or even reprocess them directly from within the application.

Patient Lock Enhancements

Users sometimes cannot update a patient record due to it already being in use by another user. To avoid this scenario, enhancements were made to our patient lock logic to allow greater flexibility when posting payments, or editing/creating claims. For example, if user A is creating a new claim for a patient, we will now allow another user in the office to post a payment for that same patient against an existing claim.

RelayHealth Attachments

RelayHealth Attachments will allow you to streamline and expedite your Worker’s Compensation, Property and Casualty claims. Users will be able to attach supporting documentation before submitting claims electronically for adjudication. Next, Users will be required to use a web-based portal in order to attach the supporting documentation to the submitted claim. It’s time to bypass the inefficiencies and additional cost of paper processing thus resulting in faster reimbursement.

Additional features include:

  • Print claim preview: Preview a single claim on your screen to see how it will be submitted to payers.
  • Institutional claim defaults: You can now default your common institutional claim options (such as Type of Bill, Admission Type, Admission Source and Patient Status) to help eliminate data entry mistakes and improve user efficiency.
  • Payer Agreement Registration and Look Up enhancements: Additional search filters have been added to the “Look Up” tab to help you find submitted agreements. To enhance the usability of the registration tab, we’ve made a few navigational improvements to assist when completing payer agreements.
  • Resubmit claim option when marking claims as “Error Fixed”: When marking a claim as “Error Fixed”, users will now be prompted to resubmit the claim.  If applicable, this will save time and cut down on common claim re-submission mistakes. 

In addition to the above, we’re often rolling out small updates without too much fuss. We thought these eight in Version 9.3 were worth mentioning. You can expect more features to be included in Version 9.3 such as duplicate patient warning messages, new keyboard short cuts, and new scheduler view options. Stay tuned for additional sneak peaks coming in the next few weeks! 

*Additional fees will apply


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