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Update: Some Institutional and Professional claims transmitted to the payers listed below from the clearinghouse on 03/18/2013 to 03/21/2013 have not been processed by National Government Services (NGS) due to an NGS processing issue. NGS has resolved this issue and has requested that the clearinghouse retransmit the impacted claim. The clearinghouse retransmitted the impacted claims on 3/25/2013.

Original Notice Sent 03/21/2013:
National Government Services (NGS) is experiencing issues affecting Institutional and Professional 5010 277CA report generation for claims submitted to the following payers from 03/18/2013 to present:

CPID 1452 Connecticut Medicare
CPID 5506 Illinois Medicare
CPID 3547 Maine Medicare
CPID 2528 New Hampshire Medicare
CPID 3519 New York Medicare Empire
CPID 4442 New York Medicare Empire
CPID 1463 New York Medicare Upstate
CPID 5512 Wisconsin Medicare
CPID 1505 Federally Qualified Health Clinic

The clearinghouse is working diligently with NGS to resolve the issue and ensure reports are received. Please be aware of delays in the report for claims submitted during the time frame above.

If you have any questions, please contact Client Services at 1-888-348-8457, option 2.