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Update: Due to the delay in transmitting these claims, Institutional and Professional 5010 999 and 277CA report generation for claims submitted from 11/01/2012 to 11/05/2012 will be delayed.

Please be aware of delays in the reports for claims submitted during the timeframe above.

Update Sent 11/05/2012:
This issue has been resolved. The affected claims were transmitted to the payer on 11/05/2012.

Original Notice Sent 11/05/2012:
Due to a payer system issue, a delay occurred in the transmission to the payers listed below from the clearinghouse from 11/02/2012 to present. CPID 1436 Northern California Medicare

CPID 1440 Texas Medicare
CPID 1442 Virginia Medicare
CPID 1444 Southern California Medicare
CPID 1446 Nevada Medicare
CPID 1447 Ohio Medicare
CPID 1449 Colorado Medicare
CPID 1450 West Virginia Medicare
CPID 1457 New Mexico Medicare
CPID 1458 Oklahoma Medicare
CPID 1464 North Carolina Medicare
CPID 1560 South Carolina Medicare
CPID 1987 RHHI Home Health Medicare Cahaba
CPID 2452 South Carolina Medicare
CPID 2462 Kentucky Medicare
CPID 2467 Hawaii/ Guam Medicare
CPID 2676 Mutual of Omaha CA, NV, HI
CPID 3507 Ohio Medicare
CPID 3508 California Medicare
CPID 3563 North Carolina Medicare
CPID 3597 RHHI Home Health Medicare Region IV (Gulf Coast/Midwest)
CPID 4958 RHHI Home Health Medicare Region IV (Midwest)
CPID 5533 Kentucky Medicare
CPID 5544 Home Health Medicare Region IV (SE/SW)
CPID 5567 Hawaii Medicare
CPID 5907 Nevada Medicare

We are working with the Intermediary to resolve this issue and will notify you once it has been resolved.

This delay has affected claims released to the clearinghouse between 2:00 PM CT on 11/02/12 to present.

If you have any questions, please contact Client Services at 1-888-348-8457, option 2.


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