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Do you need a customized report fast? We understand that building reports can be time insensitive. That’s why our Central Business Intelligence (CBI) Tool contains a Report Builder – From Template that allows you to tailor reports and turn information into intelligence that improves the operational performance of your business.

We're hosting two live sessions next week for the Report Builder - From Template Webinar. We’ll show you how to customize one of our standard made templates within CollaborateMD, personalize it, and even lock it down so no one can mess with the fields.

During these hour long webinars you will learn:

  • How to search and create reports from templates
  • Working with customizing report template layouts
  • Creating and using report fields, columns and filters
  • Present reports visually with charts, or graphically with co-displays
  • How to set report template permissions

We will also include a live Q&A. Get your questions answered and receive direct feedback from the Customer Success Team at CollaborateMD.


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