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"The Only Software [to] Fit Our Needs"

On Oct 16, 2008

CollaborateMD was the only software that we found would fit our needs. ...Our client’s revenue flow has NOT been up and down due to the fact that CollaborateMD automatically sends the claims at night... It has been a tremendous improvement to our service and clients. It has taken a large management challenge away from us... [and] allows us to communicate with practices and providers with ease. This is critical...as it improves their revenue.

We can tell a practice/provider with a click of a button if Medicare and other insurance carriers have received and processed their claims. In some systems you have to manually pull these reports. [CollaborateMD] has everything at your fingertips, which saves a billing service, practice and provider time and money.

CollaborateMD's [secure messaging] is an incredible tool for us. It has made communications with providers more efficient. We are able to communicate with ease and obtain information for claims or credentialing that we would normally have to fax to the client, which again costs us time and money. ...It has made both the provider/practice...more accountable to each other... [which] has improved our services and allowed us to provide services nationally with ease.

...We have worked with multiple systems where you had to go to different sections to gather the information you need. With CollaborateMD, it is all right there in the patient section.

CollaborateMD has been a great company to work with. Their services have improved since working with them. Support and sales answer questions with speed and get your challenges solved.

We hosted a server for numerous years; [switching to a hybrid SaaS Internet-based system] has been an incredible experience. We do not have to worry about maintaining a server, which is a big expense and [consumes] management's time.

- Cheryl Sweeney, President
Billing Service, FL


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