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"Nothing but Praise"

On Oct 20, 2008

Iredell has hired a consulting firm to see how things are going with Family Care Center - the firm is out of Asheville, NC. I have been working closely with Deborah H., RN, MBA, CPHQ, MCS_P, CMPE and she said that CollaborateMD was one of the best she has seen. She loved it. She stated that it was user friendly and in plain English. She was amazed at how easy it was to access the reports she needed at the Care Center and had nothing but praise. Thought I would pass that along to you. I did tell her I had some issues but in all honesty- when Iredell wanted to push your on-demand competitor on me and others to check out I have to admit you really are user friendly. Not at all impressed with your on-demand competitor.

- Jayne Wicklund, Owner
Billing Service, PA


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