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The following payers have changed their Remittance agreement form:

CPID 1997 Washington Blue Cross Regence
CPID 2111 Sunshine Health Plan
CPID 2404 Oregon Blue Shield
CPID 2510 Advocate Health Partners
CPID 2801 Advocate Health Partners
CPID 3540 Idaho Blue Shield Regence
CPID 3445 Community Health Plan of Washington
CPID 4881 Asuris Northwest
CPID 5516 Oregon Blue Cross
CPID 7426 Idaho Blue Shield Regence
CPID 7435 First Care
CPID 7451 Washington Blue Shield Regence
CPID 1403 Oklahoma Blue Shield
CPID 1514 Oklahoma Blue Cross
CPID 1406 Texas Blue Shield
CPID 5501 Texas Blue Cross
CPID 5565 New Mexico Blue Cross
CPID 7403 New Mexico Blue Shield

Providers already approved to submit and receive transactions through the clearinghouse do not need to complete a new agreement form.

To access the new agreement form, please visit our website at http://collaborationcompass.com, click Payer, and Payer Agreements Library.

New providers should begin using the new agreement form in the Payer Agreements Library immediately.

If you have any questions, please contact Client Services at 1-888-348-8457, option 2.


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