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Reminder to Update Sent on July 24, 2013:
Effective July 30, 2013, all TRICARE West claims regardless of Dates of Service must be sent using CPID 6286 for Professional and CPID 5648 for Institutional claims for processing at PGBA.

Claims containing Dates of Service on or before 03/31/2013 must be submitted to the clearinghouse no later than 5:00 PM CT on 7/28/2013 using CPIDs 7452 and 3552 for final processing by WPS. After this time, CPIDs 7452 and 3552 will no longer be valid and claims will reject. Rejected claims for CPIDs 7452 and 3552 must be resubmitted using CPIDs 6286 and 5648 on or after 7/30/2013.

The clearinghouse will continue to receive and process electronic remittance and reports for CPIDs 7452 and 3552 from WPS until claims processing is complete.

Action Required: Providers should be aware of the final submission date to WPS and prepare to submit all claims to PGBA as of 7/30/2013.

If you have any questions, please contact Client Services at 1-888-348-8457, option 2.


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