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Reminder: All remittance providers must be enrolled with PaySpan by 06/21/13. The clearinghouse must be granted access to your PaySpan account in order to retrieve remittance files on your behalf. Please be sure to register online with PaySpan as well as on Payer Agreement Library (PAL) before 06/21/13 to ensure your remittance setups will be complete.

Update: The 835 remittance enrollment form for Tufts Health Plan is now available. Please watch for your registration code from PaySpan and register prior to 06/21/2013.

Update Sent 05/07/2013: The clearinghouse is updating the 835 remittance enrollment form for Tufts Health Plan to accommodate the changes below. We will notify you when the 835 enrollment form is available.

Original Notice Sent 05/07/2013:
Effective 06/21/2013, electronic remittances for CPIDs 8504, 2438 Tufts Health Plan will be administered by PaySpan. Providers who currently receive these remittances are required to register with PaySpan and grant the clearinghouse access to their account so remittance files can be retrieved on their behalf. Providers who already have a PaySpan account only need to grant the clearinghouse access to their account to retrieve the Tufts Health Plan remittances. PaySpan will send registration codes and instructions to each provider. Please register prior to 06/21/2013 to avoid disruption with your electronic remittances.

If you have any questions, please contact Client Services at 1-888-348-8457, option 2.