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Details of medical billing are tedious, but necessary, with the help of electronic medical records and web-based medical billing software such as our Collaborate MD software, practice management is becoming less tedious and easier. Mistakes made by filing claims with paper documentation are avoidable when using electronic billing software. Human mistakes like illegible handwriting, coding incorrectly, mailing the wrong documentation, or not scheduling audits to ensure payments are cleared, can now be efficiently handled through Collaborate MD and their EHR/EMR partners.

Integrated features like the document storage and electronic patient records help keep any medical practice organized for every patient’s visit. Patient data is stored and easily found on tabs, this way the front office, the Nurse Practitioner, and the Doctor all have immediate access to patient information like insurance, what happened at the last appointment, their financial history, and if they have any outstanding claims.

Medical coding incorrectly on billing leads to loss of revenue for the medical practice. This is why code scrubbing is vital to a clean claim improve on claim denials by utilizing a full suite of medical billing and code edits with the code scrubbing feature. Collaborate MD understands that practices cannot provide the quality care that their patients need when claims are not filed properly, which is why we have diligently worked on a web-based electronic billing software that can give practices a higher first pass claim acceptance rate.

At Collaborate MD, we work in partnership with EHR/EMR and know that every clinic must choose the right management system to work with. By working with practice management software and an EHR program, it prevents errors and in return, payment for services rendered arrives in a faster turnaround time. This also helps increase the efficiency of the clinic or medical practice, as well as, opening up the time to provide better care for the practices patients.

In summary, paper filing is quickly becoming an obsolete method, and more practices are turning to cloud-based medical billing software, because not only does it allow for less human error on filed claims it helps offices to run smooth, improves the cash flow, and frees up the physician to provide quality care for each patient.


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