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Due to a payer-related change, effective immediately, all electronic claims now being sent to the following payers must be sent to CPID 3429 United Healthcare.

CPID 2816 Pacificare Claims - payer ID 95959
CPID 2867 Pacificare Behavioral Health - payer ID 33053
CPID 3808 Pacificare Health Systems PPO - payer ID 95999
CPID 3439 Pacificare of Arizona - payer ID 95964
CPID 2428 Pacificare of Colorado - Claims (MAP) - payer ID 95962

Failure to use the correct CPID (CPID 3429 United Healthcare) for claims submitted on or after 10/30/2012 will cause the claims to reject at the clearinghouse.

In order for providers to experience a smooth transition to the new CPID, please be aware of the following:

While all claims for the five discontinued CPIDs above can be submitted using CPID 3429 United Healthcare effective immediately, the clearinghouse will temporarily convert these CPIDs to CPID 3429 United Healthcare until 10/29/2012.

The last date that the five discontinued CPIDs above will be accepted at the clearinghouse is 10/29/2012.

Effective 10/30/2012, all claims for the above CPIDs must be submitted to the clearinghouse using CPID 3429 United Healthcare or claims will reject.

Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA)
To avoid an interruption in ERA, providers currently receiving ERA from the following CPIDs must make sure they are enrolled to receive ERA from CPID 3550 United Healthcare:

CPID 2816 Pacificare Claims
CPID 3439 Pacificare of Arizona
CPID 2428 Pacificare of Colorado - Claims (MAP)

Please note that CPIDs 2867 and 3808 were intentionally excluded from the list above because the clearinghouse does not process ERAs for these two CPIDs.

Providers can enroll to receive ERA from CPID 3429 United Healthcare by accessing the enrollment form in the Payer Agreement Library on the Collaboration Compass.

Action Required: Per the instructions above, please update your systems by 10/29/2012 to reflect the new CPID 3429 United Healthcare for claims submission and receipt of Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA).

If you have any questions, please contact Client Services at 1-888-348-8457, option 2.


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