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Due to a payer-related change, effective immediately, all electronic claims now being sent to PPOPlus must be sent to PPOPlus, LLC. Failure to use the correct CPID for PPOPlus claims submitted on or after 06/06/2012 will cause the claims to reject at the clearinghouse.

CPID 5154 PPOPlus must be sent to CPID 5481 PPOPlus, LLC (payer ID 72148):

- The clearinghouse will temporarily convert CPID 5154 PPOPlus to CPID 5481 PPOPlus, LLC. until 06/05/2012.
- All claims for CPID 5154 PPOPlus can be submitted using CPID 5481 PPOPlus, LLC. effective immediately.
- The last date that CPID 5154 PPOPlus will be accepted at the clearinghouse is 06/05/2012.

Effective 06/06/2012, all claims for CPID 5154 PPOPlus must be submitted to the clearinghouse using CPID 5481 PPOPlus, LLC or claims will reject.

Please be aware of the changes above.

If you have any questions, please contact client services at 1-888-348-8457, option 2.


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