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Patient Insurance Enhancements in Version 9.4

On Apr 22, 2016

In advance of the v9.4 release, we’ve put together Automated Sneak Peeks 3 with a focus on Patient and Insurance Enhancements. Now you have the capabilities to add multiple insurance policies, and multiple authorizations under a single insured party.  The enhancements to patient insurance information in v9.4 aims to make the following scenarios possible:

  • Add Multiple insurance policies under a single insured party
  • Add Multiple authorizations
  • Add Unlimited primary, secondary, and tertiary policies

Coming Soon! More Sneak Peeks and tools to master v9.4, our best release yet.  Not only will v9.4 include Sneak Peeks 1, Sneak Peeks 2, and Sneak Peeks 3 new features and enhancements, we will also release an all-inclusive Claim Follow-up Tool, Report Snap & Share, In-App Feedback Module and so much more. Stay tuned!


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