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"My CollaborateMD Training Specialist was phenomenal! She was always well prepared, professional, patient, intuitive and clear. My Training Specialist answered all of my questions thoroughly, used examples and even posed additional questions we didn't know to ask to further clarify a topic. She would remind us where to find additional training tools and information on every topic if needed. Because of the training I received, I feel very comfortable and confident using all sections of CollaborateMD myself plus overseeing the actions and performance of our billing service. ... I feel very comfortable doing all the billing myself. I know if I ever have a question, support is there for me.

Overall, the training was top-notch, the CollaborateMD program is easy to learn, easy to use, very affordable with excellent continued support and customer service. I can't imagine any other billing software on the market today that is so easy to use and intuitive with this kind of professional support and customer service. Thank you to all at CollaborateMD for an excellent product and the best training and service in the industry!!"

- CollaborateMD User


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