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CollaborateMD was founded in 1999 by our own President and CEO, Douglas Kegler. In the mid 1990's, Mr. Kegler saw the need in the healthcare community for a medical billing software program that would be completely functional within the industry.

Douglas Kegler had been a software engineer and computer programmer in the healthcare industry and had the vision to see what was missing and would would be most helpful in the industry. There was a better solution to be created and Mr. Kegler did just that and the team at CollaborateMD continues and strives to improve the already best electronic medical billing software program on the market.

Throughout the 1990's, Kegler continued to refine and develop the software program he had created, even testing and getting feedback from trusted friends. In 1998, with the Internet not as fast as today, had his doubts on whether a web program would be best. Instead choosing a java client/server application which allowed him to maintain the software, databases and program from his company.

Kegler continued to work into 1999 to have this software run functionally at the highest quality level on the Internet. Kegler tested his beta version with two previous clients and then in May 1999, released a press release on the web.

The press release shared that the first internet-based medical billing software program. Once the system was up and running, Kegler knew the the system needed to be affordable to billing services of every size.

And to date, CollaborateMD has set up a low monthly fee along with low monthly fees to utilize the medical billing software program and continues to improve and add more features on a continual basis.


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