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At CollaborateMD, we have the privilege of serving others and offering our software and services to many types of groups. Some of these include the small medical practices, medical billing services, urgent care, MSO /IPA, DME /HHA and in the academic field. Today, we’ll look at a just a couple of these types of users.

Small medical practices survive and thrive on providing the best quality care for their patients. To be a successful practice, their office management must be in top shape too, which is why many medical practices not only throughout Florida but around the United States is utilizing our electronic medical billing software.

What medical practices have soon discovered is that our software really does affect your workflow so that office personnel can get much more work done in less time, which results in better patient care, higher revenues and increased net profit improvements. Our software assists both professional and institutional claims and access to many features on our internet software and web-based site.

CollaborateMD also helps billing services of every size and makes the billing process more profitable and simpler by fine tuning the revenue lifecycle. With our software, we have proven to our clients that we offer the fastest and most affordable way to help billing services better assist their clients. Some of these ways include the ability to manage many accounts easily, in accelerating claim-to-payment resulting in reduced A/R days, simplifying payment posting with line items or ERA auto posting, easier access to claims tracking data and real-time editing type of features, maintaining control with a higher level user permission assignment and by eliminating or reducing claim denials and rejections with enhanced code scrubbing, editing and analytical reporting. Billing services have come to realize that being able to login from anywhere, our clients have complete control and able to get more work done and in less time.

Check back soon and we will take a closer look at more of the types of groups that we serve and how they benefit.


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