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(Article from Interview with Orlando Business Journal)

Orlando, FL; January 18, 2001- - Every morning Douglas Kegler, of downtown Orlando, wakes up and goes to his office to run ClaimGear. ClaimGear is an Orlando-based Application Service Provider (ASP) that provides Internet-based practice management software to physicians and medical billing services all across the United States. Every day hundreds of transactions are processed, phones and emails are answered, programming changes are made, new clients are setup, patient claims are sent to a claims clearinghouse and practice reports are received from the claims clearinghouse. It all sounds like your typical corporation, but its not. Douglas Kegler and his wife run ClaimGear out of an office in their downtown Orlando house.

Mr. Kegler had been a programmer for over 10 years when he came up with the idea in 1998 for creating ClaimGear. ClaimGear is an Internet-based practice management system used by physicians and medical billing services. "With the advances in the Internet and Internet programming I knew that I could create a system that was pretty much automated," said Mr. Kegler. His previous experience working for TDH Medical Systems, Inc., in Syracuse, New York, gave him the knowledge he needed to create this system. "The old desktop-based systems created a lot of maintenance for companies. You were constantly on the phone or traveling to the clients to help them with problems." By placing the system in-house, and taking complicated tasks out of the users hands, Mr. Kegler spends much less time supporting the system and clients.

"The system basically runs itself." All transfers with the clearinghouse are automated, along with the system backups. Materials that used to be mailed to clients can now be downloaded from the Web site. The ClaimGear software and insurance payor electronic agreements are all on the Web site for clients to download. "Because ClaimGear is so easy to use, little time is spent on training or supporting clients." Mr. Kegler and his wife spend most of their time answering emails and working on signing up new clients.

The Kegler's took quite a risk this past summer when Mr. Kegler quit his programming job at FedEx to run WebMBS full-time. With a family and a six-month-old child to support and little income, they decided the time had come to take the leap and become self-employed. Mr. Kegler hopes that some day soon he will be too busy with clients and will have to rent office space and hire employees. But until that day comes, he's happy that his daily commute only involves walking up a flight up stairs.

Note: As of Apr 26, 2007 ClaimGear has changed to CollaborateMD.


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