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ORLANDO, Fla (BUSINESS WIRE)- May 21, 1999- - KEGLER, LLC. today announces its upcoming release of WebMBS™ medical billing and practice management software.

WebMBS is the first offering of it's kind combining a practice management system with an Internet-based billing service. Using WebMBS, a doctor's office can enjoy the benefits of a traditional practice management system and also easily reference billing records online.

We believe that this software has an advantage over products from other companies such as Healtheaon(Nasdaq:HLTH), Medical Manager (Nasdaq:MMGR), Mede America (Nasdaq:MEDE), and Claimsnet.com (Nasdaq:CLAI), because where they offer a limited service, we deliver the comprehensive solution.

We are also looking forward to our release of WebTAS™ appointment software. WebTAS is a thinking appointment scheduler that gathers statistics about each appointment and learns from them. Using WebTAS enables doctors to be more efficient while reducing patient wait time.

KEGLER, L.L.C. is a privately held company headquartered in Orlando, FL, and is a leader in the area of Internet healthcare solutions. KEGLER, L.L.C., knows that there is significant room for growth in the medical Internet sector as more doctors turn online to reduce billing and other associated costs.


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