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National Government Services (NGS), a Medicare intermediary, is experiencing intermittent connectivity issues. As a result, some claim files have not been successfully received by the payer. The clearinghouse is retransmitting affected claim files as impacted files are being identified.

NGS is working diligently to resolve this intermittent connectivity issue.

The following payers may be affected:
CPID 1452 Connecticut Medicare
CPID 3533 Connecticut Medicare
CPID 1463 New York Medicare Upstate
CPID 3519 New York Medicare Empire
CPID 4442 New York Medicare Empire
CPID 1773 NGS American
CPID 8522 NGS American
CPID 2528 New Hampshire Medicare
CPID 3547 Maine Medicare
CPID 5506 Illinois Medicare
CPID 5512 Wisconsin Medicare
CPID 5527 Massachusetts Medicare
CPID 5578 Rhode Island Medicare
CPID 5954 Vermont Medicare
CPID 7401 New York Medicare GHI
CPID 7475 Medicare DME MAC Jurisdiction A
CPID 7476 Medicare DME MAC Jurisdiction B
CPID 7477 Medicare DME MAC Jurisdiction C
CPID 7478 Medicare DME MAC Jurisdiction D

Please be aware of this processing issue.

If you have any questions, please contact Client Services at 1-888-348-8457, option 2.


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