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The CollaborateMD Idea Exchange gives our customers the opportunity to submit improvement ideas on our products, services, support, etc. This helps our team innovate new ways of delivering value back to users and the user community.

We are pleased to inform you that Idea Exchange now allows users to change votes! This new permission gives you the ability to switch your votes in case you change your mind about an idea.

Did you know that in just a little over six months, CollaborateMD has successfully implemented 9 of your innovative ideas submitted from Idea Exchange? In addition, we are planning on implementing 10 more of your Idea Exchange suggestions and making them available within our 8.3.7 version release later this year.

Please help us congratulate our top innovators and their ideas:

1) Carol Lambert – Colored notification that claims are clean in claim control
2) Dottie Dawson – v8.3.6 Claim Control Summary
3) Josh Johnson – Add link for Idea Exchange to CollaborateMD
4) Natalia Burgos – Meaningful Use Criteria
5) Dr. Paul Chen – Free EMR Interface
6) Chellie Phillips – MAC Compatibility
7) Rochel Mintz-Judkovitz – Button to auto populate home address as facility
8) Lea Schwartz – Option to β€œAuto Adjust Remaining Balance”
9) Christine Oorbeck – Dashboard Report

These collaborators have become innovative thinkers and have made a positive difference in our product and services. CollaborateMD greatly appreciates your input and are listening to your needs, so keep the innovation and feedback coming our way. Thank You!

Our team is dedicated to continuously incorporating your innovative ideas into our ongoing solutions. If you have not yet registered for Idea Exchange, we would love to hear from you!

There are three easy ways to get started with CollaborateMD Idea Exchange:

1) Collaboratemd.ideascale.com – You can visit this link and directly access Idea Exchange
2) CollaborateMD v8.3.6 – When logged into CollaborateMD, hover your mouse over the Shortcut icon and then select β€œIdeas?” to be taken to the Idea Exchange website.
3) Training.collaboratemd.com – This link will take you to our Training Website where you can click on the Idea Exchange icon on the Home page.

If you have any questions, please contact our Support team and they will gladly help you get started on your road to creative innovation!


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