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We are very excited to announce CollaborateMD has successfully submitted a sample of ICD-10 test claims to our Payers in support of the Medicare Testing Week. The sample ICD-10 test claims file contained at least one (1) claim for each Medicare Administrative Contractors (MAC) Jurisdiction. RelayHealth has confirmed the ICD-10 test claims file were properly batched and processed. We are also happy to report that several Payers returned a successful claims acknowledgement (CA) report. Based on the payer’s ICD-10 readiness schedules, we will continue to submit additional ICD-10 test claims, on your behalf, and monitor the returned claims acknowledgement reports as payers finalize their testing schedules.

Additional communications regarding ICD-10 updates and future testing results will continue to be sent to keep you up to date on our ICD-10 testing.

To better prepare for ICD-10, visit our one stop shop for news, announcements, tools and resources on our Training site.


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