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"If I had to rate CollaborateMD for their support and never-ending kindness for my business and family, I would rate them a perfect 10! Having a dedicate Client Relationship Experience Manger (CRXM) is one of our greatest investments with CollaborateMD. With the recent loss of my son, who conducted all of our business transactions, I could not see the road in which I would be able to carry on his legacy. CollaborateMD stepped in not only for moral support but their kindness goes beyond words. They took the time to teach me the system that I knew so little about. I felt as if they owned my business and did everything possible to make me succeed. They were so patient and never made me feel as if I was incompetent of running a business after the loss of my son. I was able to call anytime and get the help I needed to keep the business going! Loosing my son was tragic, I could not lose my business as well, CollaborateMD made sure that this would never happen. Having CollaborateMD at my side through ever step to continue with my business made life so much easier to cope with. They truly demonstrated love, dedication, commitment to Ozark Medical Billing Services both on a personal and business level. I will forever be thankful to CollaborateMD for all of my successes."

- Francie Douglas - Owner of Ozark Medical Billing Services


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