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Update: The Clearinghouse would like to make providers aware of the following requirement to enable PaySpan registration for electronic remittance for CPIDs 1748 and 6539 MVP Health Plans of New York (MVP).

If your organization receives payments at the group level, MVP must have your group NPI on file in order for registration information to be sent to your office. Please review the payer's website link for additional details and complete the form to have your group NPI on file with MVP. Providers will not receive registration information, or be able to register with PaySpan, if you have not supplied MVP with your group NPI.

The Clearinghouse is currently working to obtain registration details, including registration dates, and will send additional information as soon as it is available.

Action Required: Providers should comply with the group NPI requirement to receive future registration information and notifications.

Original Notice Sent on 10/14/2013:
The Clearinghouse has been informed that PaySpan will begin administering electronic remittances for CPIDs 1748 and 6538 MVP Health Plans of New York later this year. The Clearinghouse is currently working to obtain transition details and will send additional notifications as soon as they are available.

Action Required: None at this time, however, providers should be aware of the transition and watch for future notifications.

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