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Due to a payer processing issue, some Professional and Institutional electronic claims for the payers listed below that were originally accepted and processed between 11/20/2012 and 11/24/2012 were re-processed on 11/28/2012. As a result, the following "Duplicate File" error rejection message was generated on electronic claims reports:

R 1SG - Duplicate File ID - Cannot Use Twice in 12 Months.

Payers affected are:
CPID 1406 Texas Blue Shield
CPID 5501 Texas Blue Cross
CPID 1405 Illinois Blue Shield
CPID 5508 Illinois Blue Cross

If you received the above message and your claims were initially accepted per your response report, no action is necessary and you should disregard the Duplicate File reject notice.

If you have any questions, please contact Client Services at 1-888-348-8457, option 2.


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