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CollaborateMD heard your feedback and significantly reduced our Document Imaging pricing to better support your business needs! This reduction in pricing will be retro-active to January 1st, 2014 and will be visible on your February 1st, 2014 invoice for the previous month document imaging activities.

Our reduced Document Imaging rates are denoted below:
Up to 1GB   $25  (50% Savings)
Up to 2GB   $35 (53% Savings)
Up to 3GB   $45 (55% Savings)
Up to 4GB   $55 (56% Savings)
Up to 5GB   $65 (56% Savings)

If you haven’t taken advantage of this space-saving storage feature, act fast.  This monthly savings of ~50% off Document Imaging allows you to scan and store patient’s pictures, insurance cards, and much more.  Easily attach documents to Patients, Claims and Payments with any scanner.

Version 9.1 Auth Reps:  Document Imaging & Storage can be immediately activated on your account today! Log into your Admin Section, select the Services tab and “Retrieve”.   Under the Add-On Services tab / Document Imaging, check the box next to “Enable document imaging”.

Not on Version 9.1 yet?  Take advantage of Document Imaging by submitting your activation request at CMDCares.collaboratemd.com.

For more information on Document Imaging, you can visit our Training Help Pages. Additional information on all other CMD pricing is available on http://www.collaboratemd.com/pricing/all-pricing.


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