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If a person were to Google “web based software news”, they would quickly see and determine that many industries are switching the way they do business. No longer are they purchasing software that needs to be installed on every employee’s workstation, now they simply access “the cloud” and log in to their account. The healthcare industry is finding web based medical billing software much more cost effective, and assists in medical practices running a more efficient office.

Communication is an essential part to smooth workflow among the employees and with private internal messaging features offered on CollaborateMD’s medical billing software makes communication easier between the front and back end of the practice.

Medical billing software companies like ourselves provide clients with medical practice management software at affordable monthly payment plans. Gone are the days of paper trails. Medical practices are switching to the digital age. Documents in the patients files are all scanned and a digital file created. No worries, although files are in the web based medical software, the medical practice still adheres to HIPAA laws.

Because everything is now internet or “cloud based,” users with the appropriate set permissions are able to access their schedules and make appointment changes from anywhere via an online site. This ensures the practice is able to continue providing quality service with very little disruptions due to schedule changes.

With the many regulation changes within the healthcare industry, it is important to have medical billing software that stays up to date. Our support team work diligently creating ways to enhance and update the software. The payments plan included unlimited upgrades with unlimited updates as well. This is a key benefit to any web based software—updates.

CollaborateMD is at the forefront of the medical billing software industry and has been providing this affordable alternative to small & medium practices for over a decade. To request a demo get in contact at (877) 480-6517.


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