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Dr. James Yurdin, a board certified Neurologist affiliated with Crouse Health Hospital, has been practicing medicine for 43 years and currently resides in Syracuse, NY.  For the past 12 years, Dr. Yurdin and his office have been successfully using the CMD Billing Software to fulfill their business needs.   CollaborateMD would like to thank Dr. Yurdin and his wife Betsy for their years of service and loyalty to their patients, community and CollaborateMD.  We will always remember them for helping CollaborateMD remain true to the small medical practices and fostering the growth of the CMD product.  CollaborateMD would like to congratulate Dr. Yurdin on his well-deserved retirement and wish both him and Betsy continuous joy and happiness during their retirement.

Betsy, Dr. Yurdin’s office manager met Douglas Kegler, founder and CEO of CollaborateMD, in the early 90’s while he was working in Syracuse, NY.  Betsy and Dr. Yurdin were already using a simple DOS-based billing system created by Kegler that allowed practices to enter and submit claims directly to insurance payers.  In 1999, Kegler approached Betsy with his concept of innovating a cloud based medical billing software solution that would replace the existing DOS billing system and increase office productivity. Betsy was ecstatic to hear the concept and knew it would be a success for the small to medium size practices like themselves.

In January 2000, after a year of beta testing and end-user advice from Betsy, Dr. Yurdin’s office was efficiently running on CMD and successfully submitting claims to New York insurance payers.  The first version of medical practice management software was simplistic, providing claim management and submission of claims to New York payers.  The next version included payment management capabilities and interfaced directly with a national EDI claims clearinghouse to expand CMD nationally.  As the customer base grew so did the company and CMD.     The growth enabled new features and capabilities to be added to CMD, including an appointment scheduler, secure messaging, and their innovative claim tracking feature.

“I continue to marvel about how Doug Kegler and CollaborateMD, including the line staff that support the users, has stayed true to what Doug created with the original product.” commented Betsy.  “With all the enhancements that CollaborateMD has developed over the past eleven years to keep up with users needs, it is still possible for the program to be installed by, and up and running immediately, by those of us who are not sophisticated about computers.  The fact that Doug has always been mindful of the need of small practices to keep costs down has much been appreciated.  Congratulations and continued good luck.”

“Betsy was a driving force and a constant reminder that we are, and will always be here for the small medical practice,” commented Kegler.  “This sector is always overlooked because the big guys in the industry couldn’t make enough money and profit from them.  CollaborateMD has created an affordable system which allows us to provide an easy to use solution for the small practice to meet their business needs.  It’s all about listening to the customer, automating, and improving processes while innovating solutions that allow the small practices to achieve improved efficiency year after year.”


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