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"I'm still in training and recently went into "Live Mode" - so am very new to CollaborateMD, but one thing I noticed that I really liked was that, when you bring up 'Patients', you can see RIGHT THERE how much money is due from the patient and how much is outstanding on 'Insurance'.

With our old billing software, you had to look up each claim and then manually add them up in order to know how much money was due from the patient.

This will help the practice I serve very much in keeping on top of collecting funds due from patients, an area of revenue that has been a problem for the practice for a very long time, long before my company began serving this client. This is a problem area my company has been seeking to address and correct.

I am very pleased that CollaborateMD will make this easier for the practice I serve as it should help increase their revenue."

- Angela Bridgman - Owner / Billing for XIP Medical Support Service, LLC

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