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"Looking for a billing software program is intimidating- especially for an up start physician practice and my billing service. After fighting through the unknown and settling on a choice for a billing program, the anxiety and stress was soon alleviated by sales person, Carrie Cook.

Carrie took as much time as I needed to learn what services were offered by CollaborateMD and how those services could fit my new practice managment business. She also gave me great talking points where my first client/physician readily accepted using billing software once hearing of time efficiencies, streamlined claim processing, financial reporting and the overall cost benefit to the physician's practice made possible by CollaborateMD.

Carrie Cook establishes excellent rapport, showed great knowledge of her product and has the fortitude to navigate difficult questions from someone apprehensive to using billing software (that apprehensive person being me). Every excellent quality, characteristic and performance standards Carrie told me to expect from CollaborateMD has proven to be true.

I am very glad to have met Carrie and thankful she convinced me to use CollaborateMD."

- Tim Bowles

Biller and Trainer of James Avery Rush IV MDPA


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