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It is CollaborateMD’s mission to help healthcare entities optimize clinical and financial workflow, improve net profitability and patient care, as well as lead healthcare collaboration. The company does this by providing electronic medical billing that is meant to improve the workload and receive payments fast.

Our vision and values for the company also include giving back to the community.

We contribute to several philanthropic causes on a global scale. CollaborateMD is enthusiastic about providing medical billing software in our own backyard. This is also true of our contributions to charitable organizations in the Central Florida area.

The organizations we work with include IDignity, Central Florida Commission on the Homeless, Habitat for Humanity, and the March of Dimes.

The contributions we make to these organizations and a number of others emphasize fairness. IDignity, for example, helps people obtain necessary identification that is required to vote, gain access to shelters and make it easier to become self-sufficient.

When CollaborateMD began in 1999, we sought to make it easier and more affordable for healthcare entities to work with insurance and government regulations. Instead of offering plans that ask for payment upfront, CollaborateMD kept our clients in mind. This is evident in our pay-as-you-go pricing plans with no setup fees. Support is also included in our electronic medical billing pricing plans.

We do not only support organizations that consider the needs of others, but incorporate that value into the way we do business.


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