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CollaborateMD is pleased to announce the availability of our 8.4.0 version.  This new release, loaded with several new and exciting features, is now available for you to download!  Many of the new enhancements are a direct result of your input into our crowd sourcing tool, Idea Exchange. So thank you for your contributions to shape the future of your CollaborateMD solution!
A few of the great new features in v8.4.0 include:
- Task Reminders: With your busy daily schedule in mind, we created Task Reminders to allow you to effectively manage your day.  With Task Reminders you can track tasks for yourself and other users within your account in one screen. This new capability will provide a single location to track all of your “to do” tasks and provide the ability for administrators to effectively delegate tasks to their employees.
- Company News Section: For companies small and large, providing up to date internal news to staff is important to maintain effective communication.  The Company News section allows Administrators (and delegated users) to post news bulletins for your staff to read.  The Company News section is located on the main login screen so it is the first item users see after logging into the application.  This new capability will provide an effective mechanism for communicating important information and events with your employees.
- Electronic Payer Agreements: Filling out payer agreements can be tedious and time consuming.  Our new Electronic Payer Agreements feature will allow you to quickly fill out and submit payer agreements electronically and check on the status of previously submitted agreements, all from within the CollaborateMD application.  Most importantly, you will be able complete agreements for multiple
payers/products at once, eliminating redundant questions among the forms and drastically reducing time spent filling out new agreements.
- Plus many other enhancements including over 20 features/ improvements recommended by you, the customer, on our Idea Exchange Website.
Prior to updating to version 8.4.0, please take a moment to watch the overview video of the new features within 8.4.0
To download 8.4.0, go to the System Section of the CollaborateMD program and click on the "Update Program" button. Next, you will follow the instructions in the Update Wizard to correctly install 8.4.0.  Version 8.4.0 requires a newer minimum version of Java to run than did previous versions of CollaborateMD.  As a result, after updating to 8.4.0 from an existing version you will also need to update the Java version used by the application by clicking on the “Update Java VM” button.
Attempting to log in to version 8.4.0 without the required version of Java will result in a warning message and automatically launch the Java update wizard.
If you are a Windows Vista or Windows 7 user and receive a warning message similar to, “You do not have privileges to update the program" when updating to 8.4.0, you will need to start the program as an Administrator.  To do this, close CollaborateMD, right click the CollaborateMD icon located on your desktop and select "Run as Administrator” in the pull down menu.
If you have any issues updating to 8.4.0, please contact our knowledgeable Client Services Specialists @ 1-888-348-8457 and select option 2.

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