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CollaborateMD is pleased to announce the release of our newly redesigned CollaborateMD Support and Training Center. The goal of our Support and Training Center is to make sure that you have quick, easy and convenient access to any training resources you may need.

In addition to this renovation, we are thrilled to release CollaborateMD's improved TrainingHelp Pages” that incorporate a knowledge management approach with seamless navigation. To enhance your training experience, we have developed comprehensive Help Pages for each section of the CollaborateMD Application. Each Help Page contains comprehensive step by step instructions coupled with other useful information to provide you with the training you need to become a CollaborateMD expert. Our new Help Pages will become the standard for V9.0 and all of our future releases.

To ensure any training information you receive is value added, we have included a Training Feedback link on the top right corner of every page. Simply click “Training Feedback” to provide us with your thoughts and / or suggestions on how to improve our Training Help Pages to meet YOUR training needs. Innovative ideas and comments regarding the CollaborateMD Application is also supported though our Idea Exchange site via the “Application Feedback” link.

If you are ever unable to find the answers to your questions on our Training Website, you still have access to our Self-Service Portal. By clicking on the Self-Service Portal tab and enter your log in credentials, you can find "solutions" to your frequently asked questions such as claim rejections, troubleshooting questions, etc. Should you need assistance with a particular feature, please re-visit the main Help Page on our Training website and select the appropriate section from our table of contents. The Help Pages and our Self-Service Portal will allow you to find answers and solutions to any of our frequently asked questions before having to contact a Client Services Representative for assistance; however, our team is always here to assist you!

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