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ORLANDO, Fla.--July 16, 2007 (HEALTHWIRE)—CollaborateMD (formerly ClaimGear), a leading provider of Internet-based ASP practice management and medical billing software for the healthcare industry, announced today their CollaborateMD v8 is supported to operate and correctly function on Microsoft Windows Vista operating system.

CollaborateMD v8 released in May 2007 was verified to function properly on the Microsoft Windows Vista operating system.  Users installing CollaborateMD on Vista only require some minor assistance due to the increased security in Vista.  CollaborateMD is confident their users can purchase a new Windows PC and successfully install and operate the CollaborateMD software.

The Vista situation helps emphasize a valuable reason for having an ASP type practice management and medical billing system.  ASP vendors can make changes as they are needed and clients can see the end results immediately.  Unlike non-ASP vendors who must have their client base go through updates and installations which cost time and money.

CollaborateMD takes care of all server and database management and allows the medical office to have very minimal system requirements. Douglas Kegler, Chief Executive Officer of CollaborateMD stated, “When changes occur, such as new operating systems, HIPAA requirements, database changes, etc., we can quickly make the changes required at no cost to the customer. Everyday we see more and more doctors and medical billing services realize the incredible benefits of using CollaborateMD.”

At this time, CollaborateMD knows of several competing non-ASP medical billing applications that either do not function or are not guaranteed to function properly on Microsoft Vista.  CollaborateMD views this as a major frustration for medical offices and medical billing services with the desire to purchase new computers with Vista. “I can’t say for sure, but its possible users on competing Windows-based products may have to purchase an upgrade in order to use it on Vista.  Users of CollaborateMD get all software updates for free,” stated Mr. Kegler.

CollaborateMD stands behind their product with a 30 Day money-back policy and free electronic claims and remittance for the first month. By using CollaborateMD, medical offices can concentrate on their billing and let CollaborateMD handle the rest. Some of the benefits of using CollaborateMD include use-anywhere flexibility, collaboration between unlimited locations, no large upfront costs, low monthly fees, constant software updates, streamlined workflow, and it’s easy to learn and use.

About CollaborateMD
Headquartered in Orlando, FL, CollaborateMD provides the health care industry with an Internet-based Medical Billing and Practice Management Software program that has the speed of a local PC application and the "use anywhere" flexibility of a Web browser application. CollaborateMD is a 100% Java application utilizing Sun Microsystems (Nasdaq: SUNW) Java Platform. CollaborateMD offers physician offices and medical billing services the opportunity to become more efficient and flexible. For more information, visit: http://www.CollaborateMD.com or call 888-348-8457.


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