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Working in the medical field can be a stressful and time consuming job. With all of the patients and bills that come through, it can seem like there is no time to get fully organized. CollaborateMD works hard to make life easier for medical care all over the globe. Making sure that all of your medical claims are paid fast is what we do. We offer medical billing software that makes the billing process easier and more profitable. Our medical billing software is always being enhanced to make sure your claims get to the proper insurance payer on time.

All of our medical software’s are easy to work with and can be used anywhere. We make sure that everything we offer is affordable and simple to manage. Appointment scheduling, claim tracking, payments, patient eligibility and much more can be managed when you purchase any of our healthcare software. We have been providing our services for over 11 years and want to help as many clients as possible.

You will benefit from our low monthly fees and our friendly educated customer service representatives. Our goal is to make your life easier through our technology and assistance. Whether you are working with a Mac or Windows computer, we have something compatible for you. Our motto is: “If you aren’t successful, we aren’t successful.” If you want to become more efficient, decrease rejects, speed up the payment cycle and enjoy the ability to access your data from any computer, CollaborateMD is the best company for you.


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