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CollaborateMD, a leading provider of Cloud-based medical practice management and medical billing software for medical practices and medical billing services, announced today a new campaign that will save current Medisoft users a minimum of $1,100 when they purchase CollaborateMD prior to June 30th, 2012.

The promotion features a free standard data conversion and a credit for two full months of provider fees for customers that opt to prepay for an annual contract. Those that elect to bill monthly will still receive incredible savings including the free standard data conversion and 50% off provider fees on their first full monthly invoice. CollaborateMD always provides free upgrades, unlimited best-in-class customer support, affordable monthly rates, as well as an industry leading 99% First Pass Claim Acceptance Rate (FPA).

“We continue to provide outstanding savings to Medisoft customers even when we don’t offer a promotion” commented Douglas Kegler, founder and CEO of CollaborateMD. “Customers who switch from other medical billing software solutions are extremely pleased with CMD’s affordability and use anywhere, anytime feature along with outstanding customer service.”

Former Medisoft user, Carice Cartwright, attested that by switching to CollaborateMD their “practice avoided version upgrade costs, received consistent reporting results, and improved monthly accounts receivable by 32% and reduced their 60 day outstanding account receivables by 85%.

Customers taking advantage of this limited promotional opportunity can join the cloud revolution and avoid purchasing costly servers, managing databases and data backups, maintaining clearinghouse connections, and paying for upgrades and support. CollaborateMD’s First Pass Claim Rate of 99% is the best in the industry and allows thousands of CollaborateMD medical providers to receive timely payments. CollaborateMD’s 99% FPA is estimated to save medical billers over 20,000 hours each month!

For more details on the Medisoft competitive upgrade offer, visit: http://www.collaboratemd.com/medisoft-billing-software-v17


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