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At CollaborateMD, we continually strive toward improving our already first rate medical billing software. We know that we have the best electronic medical billing software as do our clients but we want to give as many more clients the opportunity to use our software as possible.

To do this, CollaborateMD has created a couple of different programs to further incentivize our current clients. The first is our CollaborateMD Referral program and the second is our Academic Incentive program.

Below are some benefits for each of the programs:

Our CollaborateMD referral program is open to any of our clients, partners or vendors to participate. For those that refer our CollaborateMD software to your partners or companies that could benefit from our medical billing software, after they sign up and become a customer at CollaborateMD, we will be happy to thank and reward you for your help and support for what we do. Through each referral, you or your company will receive a $200 gift to spend any way that you would like. This is a simple way for you to make some easy extra money by letting your colleagues know about the benefits of what we do and how much it has helped you.

The second is our Academic Incentive program. For any of our students that recommend the academic version of the CollaborateMD medical billing software, instructors and for the offices that purchase our billing software on the recommendation of certified ClaimGear users will be eligible to participate in our Academic Incentive program.

Students can earn $300 in referral money for referring students and $100 will be passed along to new customers once the terms and conditions have taken place. Instructors, after the requirements of the program and terms and conditions have been realized, CollaborateMD will be pleased to give the instructor $400 for each referral, in this manner.

It is easy to sign up for our Referral programs. Simply click over to our Referral Program Join Now page to signup with some basic information and may only be a short matter of time before you start seeing some extra money in your pockets!








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