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CollaborateMD (CMD) announced the availability of the 8.4 release of their leading cloud medical billing software for medical offices, clinics and medical billing services. The free v8.4.0 upgrade incorporates over 20 innovative enhancements to their software. Douglas Kegler, CEO of CMD stated he wants “every user to ensure their business benefits from CMD’s continuous software improvements.” For over 12 years, CMD has provided free upgrades to all of their users so they are able to stay current with industry standards, technology and achieve overall business success.

Vital to CMD’s successful releases are their customer’s improvement ideas. CMD allows users to innovate and crowd source on ideas pertaining to software enhancements to determining the most desired software upgrades. CMD understands the importance of innovating and listening to the voice of the customer. In v8.4.0, many of the improvements were recommended by their customers.

A few of the medical billing software enhancements in the release include: improved claim management and payment tracking to improve efficiency; advanced filters and search criteria in reporting to improve financial management, and enhanced dashboard applications to ensure the company’s success.

Brand new features now included:

Task Reminders

With their user’s busy schedules in mind, CMD implemented a Task Reminders feature to allow for effective management of day to day tasks. This new capability provides a single location to track all “to do” tasks and delegate reminders to other users in the account.

Company News Blog

Upon logging in, the Company News will be the first item users see. This resourceful application is designed for companies small and large to provide an open and effective mechanism for communication. The Company News section allows Administrators (and delegated users) to post internal news bulletins be effectively communicate to staff.

Payer Agreement Submission

It’s well-known in the industry that filling out Payer agreements, for electronic transmission and receipt of claims, remittance, and eligibility, can be tedious and time consuming. CMD implemented a new Electronic Payer Agreements feature in the software to allow users the ability to complete and submit payer agreements electronically and check the status of previously submitted agreements. Most importantly, agreements can be completed for multiple payers / products at once, eliminating redundant questions among the forms and drastically reducing time spent filling out new agreements.


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