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New Features in 8.3 Beta to Optimize Customers’ Clinical & Financial Workflow

ORLANDO, FL.—July 21, 2009—CollaborateMD, a leading provider of hybrid SaaS practice management and medical billing software for physician offices and third-party billing services, today announced that the official 8.3 beta release is now available to all customers. Until today, only select customers were offered the beta software update. These customers included those who engaged with CollaborateMD via social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook, subscribed to the Company’s blog, or attended the first annual CollaborateMD user conference this past May.

Patrick Mann, vice president of engineering, had this to say about the initial beta customer invitation process: “The phased approach we’ve implemented is essential to the success of this update. This process ensures our development and quality assurance teams have sufficient time for testing and modifications, while affording customer support and sales teams a longer runway with which to provide live training webinars and on-demand support during migration.”

Unlike with traditional Software as a Service (SaaS) models which often centrally control upgrades without regard to customer readiness, CollaborateMD's hybrid SaaS software allows customers to control version updates in order to maintain operational stability. Upon installing the newest version, which is available at no additional cost, customers can easily migrate their operations from one version to the next with minimal interruption to their daily workflow.

The 8.3 update contains significant upgrades to existing service offerings and will include key features such as review services with high-level claim scrubbing, custom labels and superbills, enhanced scheduler tools, appointment confirmation, and the CollaborateMD User Portal.

The portal serves as an integrated web-based platform comprised of a suite of tools intended to augment the CollaborateMD practice management and medical billing software package. One such tool—enhanced reporting—provides a more flexible and scalable medium for business intelligence and reporting, allowing for users to build, export, and share rich content reports in a wide variety of formats. CollaborateMD forums, another feature set inside the portal, allow users to gather together, share ideas, collaborate on issues, promote product innovation, and increase awareness and understanding of product features. Additional tools, including NPI registry and the 3M code viewer, are useful for improving data integrity, resulting in fewer rejected claims and increased revenue.

“At the core of our Company vision is the promise to help customers optimize clinical and financial workflow for net profit improvement and enhanced patient care,” commented Douglas Kegler, CollaborateMD founder and CEO. “The features in this release will provide the necessary tools our customers need to do exactly that, and serves as further assurance that we won’t stop working until every customer is fully optimized for success.”

About CollaborateMD
CollaborateMD has been helping medical practices and billing services optimize clinical and financial workflow for increased revenue and net profit improvement since 1999. Serving thousands of providers nationwide, CollaborateMD offers the healthcare industry a HIPAA-compliant, 100% Java, hybrid SaaS practice management and medical billing software application, which easily integrates with several leading EHR and laboratory solutions, and offers ePrescribing and secure patient-to-provider communications. For more information, visit CollaborateMD.com, Blog.CollaborateMD.com, or call 888.348.8457.


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