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CollaborateMD Allows Florida Providers to Securely and Seamlessly Transfer Immunization
Data to the Florida SHOTS Respository

ORLANDO, FL -- (HEALTHWIRE) Nov 2, 2007—CollaborateMD, a leading provider of Internet-based medical billing and practice management software for physician offices and medical billing services, announced today they are a certified software partner with the Florida Department of Health’s Statewide Online Tracking System (SHOTS).

Florida SHOTS is a free, Web-based immunization registry that now maintains over 45 million individual vaccination records for over 5 million patients since first testing the system in 2005. Registered healthcare providers input immunization records into the Florida SHOTS registry which then saves and tracks the information. Immunization data recorded in the system is accessible by any registered healthcare provider, school or daycare center.

CollaborateMD enhanced their practice management system to seamlessly and securely send immunization data to the Florida SHOTS repository. After a provider signs up with Florida SHOTS, CollaborateMD will turn on the automatic transfer and each time vaccines are entered into the CollaborateMD system the data will automatically be uploaded to Florida SHOTS. The automatic exchange of immunization data from CollaborateMD is available at no charge.

“We are working with Florida SHOTS because we feel the program is very critical to ensuring a common repository of childhood immunization records,” stated Douglas Kegler, President of CollaborateMD. “The automatic transfer of the vaccination data saves medical practices time, reduces errors, and allows several entities to view data that was once only held in a single place.”

“We are pleased to work with CollaborateMD to integrate their software with the SHOTS registry,” said Susan Lincicome, director, Florida SHOTS. “The ability to input data once and have it uploaded to our system is a real timesaver for the providers and increases the use of the system overall. The more records in the system, the more useful the information is for healthcare providers, schools, day care and parents for tracking and maintaining important childhood vaccinations.”

CollaborateMD will continue to add more solutions to their Internet-based healthcare system, further enhancing the collaboration between all entities in healthcare. CollaborateMD increased their provider base from 1,700 to 2,800 in the last twelve months and has plans to expand to well over 4,000 providers by the end of 2008. CollaborateMD is utilizing existing cash and profits to fund their expansion plans.

About CollaborateMD
Headquartered in Orlando, FL, CollaborateMD provides the health care industry with a HIPAA compliant, Internet-based Medical Billing and Practice Management Software program that has the speed of a local PC application and the "use anywhere" flexibility of a Web browser application. CollaborateMD is a 100% Java application utilizing Sun Microsystems Java Platform. CollaborateMD offers physician offices and medical billing services the opportunity to become more efficient and flexible. For more information, visit: www.CollaborateMD.com or call 888-348-8457.

About Florida SHOTS
The Florida Department of Health’s Statewide Health Online Tracking System Florida (SHOTS) is a free, statewide, centralized online immunization registry that helps health-care providers, schools, and parents keep track of immunization records. Florida SHOTS allows registered, authorized system users to access confidential immunization information via a secure electronic system to check immunization status, update information in the system, and register new children. For more information, call (877) 888-SHOT (7468), send an email to flshots@doh.state.fl.us or visit the website at www.flshots.com.


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