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CollaborateMD announced today the hiring of Stephen Hightower as Chief Strategy & Technology Officer (CSTO). Hightower served on the CollaborateMD Board of Directors and will continue to do so in his new capacity.

Hightower owns a private consulting practice that he formed after retiring form Lockheed Martin that is focused on the medical industry. During his career at Lockheed Martin Corporation he served in a variety of executive management roles including Chief Information Officer for Global Training & Logistics, Director of Strategy, Director of Infrastructure and a number of other roles focused on program management and execution of complex projects across the enterprise. His career included managing large enterprise programs and developing solutions that leveraged technology to deliver high quality, innovative solutions across a variety of disciplines. He managed a variety of complex operations where he effectively utilized business leadership coupled with technology to leverage cloud services that provided innovative solutions to customer problems. His experience in business process reengineering and strategic planning provided competitive advantage to Lockheed Martin to streamline existing operations and develop affordable solutions to complex problems.

“I’m truly pleased to be named the Chief Strategy and Technology Officer,” commented Hightower. “Doug has created a great medical office software company that is comprised of quality people, services, products and core values that differentiates CollaborateMD from others. I’m proud to be part of this company and be given the opportunity to help shape the future of the company, its customers and the medical industry.”

“We are extremely proud to have him join our winning team,” commented Douglas Kegler. “I am confident he will bring the right leadership, energy and innovative thinking as Chief Strategy & Technology Officer. I know he will provide an immediate impact on shaping our new strategy and delivering the right technical solutions to our customers.”
CollaborateMD is confident they can reach higher goals and business performance through Mr. Hightower’s guidance and knowledge. Hightower epitomizes the best values of the CollaborateMD vision, mission and core values —a commitment to the health care industry, continuous improvement, and delivering customer value through innovation and affordable business solutions.

In addition to working closely with Kegler on implementing CollaborateMD’s strategy and long-term business plans, Hightower will provide the leadership for all of the CollaborateMD’s technical solutions. He will ensure a sound business strategy while ensuring the successful delivery of innovative and affordable technical solutions that delivers customer satisfaction and value.


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