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by Madeline Angela Meyer and Michael Alan Meyer

We donโ€™t know about you, but we love Free Stuff, and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) and their Recovery Audit Contractors program provide it! Are you thinking this is too good to be true? Well, it isnโ€™t!

Free CMS Web-Based Training Courses with CEUs

CMS provides over 20 Web-based training courses, many that are online learning with certificates of completion and continuing education units (CEUs) that are accepted by the major healthcare professional organizations. The courses include such topics as payment systems, medical billing, fraud and abuse and many more. They range from quick 30 minute courses, to those over 1260 minutes (21 hours of study). Upon completing the Medicare Billing Certificate Program for Part A Providers and/or the Medicare Billing Certificate Program for Part B Providers the learner will have earned an official CMS Medical Billing Certificate. For the complete list of courses, click on: CMS Free Web-Based Training Courses

Free CMS-RAC Stuff!

What does the CMS Recovery Audit Contractors program have that you want you ask? They have great free stuff too! First, there are many useful free PowerPoint presentations to help train staff. Just click on this example on the August 2012, Recovery Auditor Prepayment Review Demonstration project. They give away the ship, sharing what states they are targeting and even what codes! They also provide helpful hints on billing with your medical office software correctly the first time to avoid unnecessary rebillings, duplicate billings and other billing errors. This is โ€œvitalโ€ free stuff. There is even a Provider Compliance Group Interactive Map that access state-specific CMS contractor contact information. You may use this graphic website to access RAC contact information including emails, phone numbers and their individual websites!

Training staff can get quite expensive. To help with training costs, and to ensure training is accurate and current, providers and their staff should take advantage of the primary resources given to us by CMS and the CMS RACS programs. Your Compliance Officer, or a designated internal compliance training assistant should register with their email address for all CMS listserves so that they may receive real time updates when they happen.

Sign up for CMS Real-time Email Updates, CMS Twitter, or visit the CMS YouTube Video Library
See Top 5 CMS Links: Manuals, Medicare Coverage Database, CMS Forms, Transmittals, MLN Products

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